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This function allows the user to visualize the complete treatment course for selected cancer diagnoses.


drug_regimen_sunburst(data_synapse, data_cohort, max_n_regimens = NULL, ...)



The item from the nested list returned from `pull_data_synapse()`


The list returned from the `create_analytic_cohort()` function call


The maximum number of regimens displayed in the sunburst plot


Additional parameters passed to `sunburstR::sunburst()`


Returns data frame `treatment_history` and interactive plot `sunburst_plot`


See the drug_regimen_sunburst vignette for additional details and examples.


# Example 1 ----------------------------------
# Example using package test data
# get clinico-genomic files for a specific cohort
nsclc_sub <- create_analytic_cohort(
  data_synapse = genieBPC::nsclc_test_data,
  stage_dx = c("Stage III", "Stage IV")

# create sunburst plot
ex1 <- drug_regimen_sunburst(
  data_synapse = nsclc_test_data,
  data_cohort = nsclc_sub,
  max_n_regimens = 3

# Example 2 ----------------------------------
# using pull_data_synapse
nsclc_2_0 <- pull_data_synapse("NSCLC", version = "v2.0-public")
#>  pt_char has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  ca_dx_index has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  ca_dx_non_index has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  ca_drugs has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  prissmm_imaging has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  prissmm_pathology has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  prissmm_md has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  cpt has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  mutations_extended has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  fusions has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"
#>  cna has been imported for "NSCLC_v2.0"

nsclc_stg_iv <- create_analytic_cohort(
  data_synapse = nsclc_2_0$NSCLC_v2.0,
  stage = "Stage IV"

ex2 <- drug_regimen_sunburst(
  data_synapse = nsclc_2_0$NSCLC_v2.0,
  data_cohort = nsclc_stg_iv,
  max_n_regimens = 3